Friday, 29 October 2010

Time to take the rock tour

Gibraltar day out

We have been to Gibraltar dozens of times and took the tour of the rock many years ago. It's not really something you would want to do on a regular basis and isn't the cheapest of days out. However, with a few hours to spare this week we decided to take the tour once again, this time armed with the video camera and we're so pleased we did.

The tour costs £10 per vehicle and £2 per person but you can spend as much time on the rock as you like throughout the day. The price includes a visit to the tunnels, St.Michael's Cave, the fortress and a few small exhibitions. You also have the chance to see the famous Gibraltar apes. You have to mind where you park though when you get to the apes or they will pounce on you and start to dismantle your car.

We were fortunate enough to time the visit with a landing at Gibraltar airport so got some great video of the Easyjet Gatwick flight landing. This airport is the only one in the world where the traffic has to stop to let planes cross the road. This won't be the case for long though. Gibraltar will very shortly have a tunnel that goes under the runway.

See the video of the plane landing here

The rock tour is something that everyone should do at least once when visiting Gibraltar. See for yourself with our short video guide here. We were lucky enough to see the apes violently brawling and caught it all on video.

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