Monday, 7 February 2011

A busy weekend

The weekend weather was beautiful so taking advantage of this we went exploring again.

The little town of Pego, despite its size has a great deal to offer the visitor. Once you find yourself in the town, there are several beautiful churches. The Plaza del Font is the nicest of the town squares with its tree-lined avenue, offering some shade from the sun.

The main church stands proud above the rest of the town and is a classic example of Baroque architecture. There are a couple of nice cafes to rest in and enjoy the views. The Basilica is just around the corner, as are the two museums in the House of Culture, worthy of a free visit.

You can see our photographs and video here.

From Pego we went off the tourist route and head into the mountains. We took a little used, un-named road and were rewarded with the best views of the coast from the highest point. After a few kilometres we found ourselves in the little hamlet of Val de'Ebro.

Today we head for Elche to catch yet another fiesta and explore the city. You can see our visit in video and photographs here.

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