Sunday, 12 December 2010

Our weekend travels

A weekend in Cadiz
Taking advantage of the warm December sunshine, we planned a weekend away in Cadiz. This wonderful southern city has always held an attraction for us but our last two visits were far too short.

You can’t help but love Cadiz whatever time of year; in the summer the beaches are unbelievably clean and draw huge crowds. In the winter, there’s nothing finer than exploring the historical city centre.

Over two days, we covered almost every square inch of the city, including all the plazas and parks, the two cathedrals, 11 churches, towers and so much more. We found Cadiz to be one of the cleanest cities we have ever been to and wherever we went we received a warm welcome.

Our hotel was just outside the city gates, in the new part of Cadiz. It was just a few minutes’ walk into the old part. The highlights of the trip were the Plaza Espana with its monument of huge proportions and a trip up to the top of the Tower de Poniente. Opened to the public this year for the first time.

See our video report here

Baelo Claudia – Roman city
On the way home from Cadiz we called in to see the Roman city of Baelo Claudia at Bolonia. This third century city, although in ruins, makes an interesting visit. The new visitors centre houses a museum of finds and with free entry for EU citizens so it’s great value too. We were a little disappointed that the staff wouldn’t let us into the complex with the video camera in order to make a video for the website. However, the problem was solved as we headed down to the beach where a perfect view of the city can be had. We ended up with a nice video after all.

Baelo Claudia is the most complete Roman city in the Iberian Peninsula and shows the forum, baths, market, stores and several temples.

See our video report here

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