Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Chestnut harvest time in Pujerra

A day out in Pujerra in Andalucia to see the chestnut harvest

Pujerra is known as the chestnut capital of Andalucia and today we went to find out how they process the chestnuts in this tiny village

The whole area is covered with chestnut trees and most of the village work in the industry at harvest time. On the 1st of November it's the annual fiesta for the chestnut (Castanos) and the village truly comes alive.

We were invited into the village cooperative to see how the chestnuts are processed before being sold all over Spain. Roasted chestnuts are a delicasy in Spain and they are also used in cakes and purees.

Whilst walking round the village a local lady comes out and presents us with a plate of cakes, much to Sandras' delight.

See the video of our day out here

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